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LoRa Alliance® Expands Benefits to Support Members’ Business Goals

During the first few months of this year, the LoRa Alliance® undertook a comprehensive review of our member benefits, benchmarking against similar organizations, to ensure that we are maximizing the value we provide to our members. As a result, we have updated and expanded our membership benefits to deliver increased business value to current and future members.

Specifically, we are actively working to provide more business opportunities to members to help them grow their business revenue related to the LoRaWAN® standard. At the same time, we pledge to our members that this is just the beginning! We will continually assess and evaluate the benefits we provide and continue to add to them to further strengthen the value of membership.

A related goal of expanding our benefits is to further diversify our extensive membership. To support this goal, we are introducing benefits that are designed to provide value to companies like systems integrators, business infrastructure providers, and even end-users of LoRaWAN–those who use LoRaWAN for their business operations or are creating new revenue streams.    

As we evaluated our member benefits, we focused on adding and strengthening ones that increase opportunities to grow revenue. The new benefits announced for 2021 include the following table below. 

Grow your business by joining the fastest-growing membership in the technology sector. Join today!    

The benefits of membership extend far beyond these new additions. The marketing benefits are particularly strong, allowing members to significantly expand the market reach of products and services––with a high return on investment. Some of these include product and services promotion, lead generation, low- or no-cost ways to join horizontal and vertical events, speaking opportunities, and access to the LoRa Alliance’s strong member ecosystem, among many others.

“As we assessed our existing membership benefits, we realized we needed to ensure that providing value to our members was at the core of our offering,” said Derek Wallace, Vice President of Marketing for the LoRa Alliance. “We also wanted to ensure that our membership benefits offer tangible ways for members to grow their LoRaWAN business. This combination of benefit value and potential business growth more than offsets the cost of LoRa Alliance membership. Our goal is that when companies consider joining the LoRa Alliance, the decision to join is a logical and easy choice to make because of the value we offer.”

Some of the value realized by LoRa Alliance members includes:

  • Expanded LoRaWAN business opportunities and revenue growth
  • Accelerated time-to-market and market expansion
  • Knowledge sharing with the world’s premier companies developing and using LoRaWAN®
  • Turbocharged LoRaWAN® marketing activities and reach
  • Acquired new skillsets and career development
  • Free access to the LoRa Alliance’s LoRaWAN Certification Test Tool (LCTT) pre-certification testing tool
  • Extra regulatory support
  • Helping to determine the future of LoRaWAN by participating in certification, regional parameters, or roadmap development discussions
  • Determining where and how to increase awareness and adoption of LoRaWAN (e.g., vertical markets)
  • Driving country- or region-specific marketing efforts to target messaging locally

Here’s a look at what some of our members have to say about what they’ve achieved as members of the LoRa Alliance:

“Being a member of the LoRa Alliance® has allowed SenRa to rapidly grow our partnership ecosystem and increase business opportunities. The LoRa Alliance membership opened up possibilities that we could not have imagined and the more we contribute the more we succeed. We are grateful to be a member of such an amazing organization.”

––Ali Hosseini, CEO & Founder of SenRa

“As a member, we were able to access experts in complementing our own skill sets. Those complementary strengths allowed us to expand into new markets, like pest control and global food and facilities customer service, by combining our software with LoRaWAN sensors and other hardware.”

––Charles Paumelle, Microshare

“The LoRa Alliance has been instrumental in bringing together a diverse group of global ecosystem participants to accomplish a common goal. By creating an open LoRaWAN standard, with a constant stream of innovation in the technology, the LoRa Alliance has helped Senet and its customers and partners achieve the vision of instrumenting the physical world for the common good. In the process, we are also solving real-world problems for businesses at scale and delivering real value.”

––Bruce Chatterley, CEO at Senet

“Being a member of the LoRa Alliance has allowed Webee to collaborate and build a strong ecosystem of leading IoT companies helping its members create solutions that effectively tackle the most urgent challenges in the IoT industry. The working groups give us the possibility to exchange ideas and experiences in agriculture, manufacturing, oil & gas, and IIoT; which are some of the main verticals that we are working with. Participating in webinars and white papers not only allows our brand to be known but also helps us continue to engage with these organizations in a collaborative way. The true spirit of collaboration of this dynamic LoRa Alliance ecosystem and the marketing benefits the alliance provides has allowed us to grow in an ecosystem unleashing growth globally.”

––Lucas Funes, CEO & Founder at Webee

“Here at CalChip Connect, we’re all about partnerships and view our partners as customers. We have found that being a member of the LoRa Alliance has enabled us to form strong partnerships and leverage our expertise to help our partners get to market quicker and help them scale and deploy into their respective markets. By bringing all the partners together, we can then connect the dots and combine expertise to really make our end customers, who are deploying LoRaWAN solutions, able to have an incredible experience. This is where we see great value in being part of the LoRa Alliance and being a part of this partner eco-system.” 

––TJ Rancour, President, CalChip Connect

“Lacuna Space joined the LoRa Alliance in 2018 because it helps us advance our vision of a connected world using LoRaWAN networks on the ground and everywhere, from space. 

By participating in working groups and task forces your business gains valuable perspectives on technical, commercial and operational matters which would take so much more time to solve if you were to work alone.

As a Business Developer the benefits most valuable to me are the personal and professional connections that I have made by being an active member.  Especially during a year when establishing quality connections through events became more challenging, being able to instantly identify a certified product or distribution partner in every part of the world, made a huge difference.

I’d encourage everyone in the IoT ecosystem to try out the LoRa Alliance membership for a great set of benefits including opportunities to promote your products and services at affordable cost.”

–– Maria Kalama, Business Development Director at Lacuna Space

It’s easy to see why membership pays for itself! Explore all of the benefits of membership or apply now on our website. Be sure to connect with us on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook for the best overview of the LoRaWAN ecosystem, news, technology & progress, hottest tips, education, and more!