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LoRa Alliance™ Reports Significant Growth in LoRaWAN® Metering Deployments; Will Show Technology’s Value for Water Metering and Management D

Members Haxiot, Senet and Tektelic to Demo Applications that are Driving Rapidly Scaling LoRaWAN Growth Across a Broad Range of Water Utility Services


Fremont, Calif. – May 30, 2019 – The LoRa Alliance™, the global association of companies backing the open LoRaWAN® protocol for the Internet of Things (IoT) low-power wide-area networks (LPWANs), announced today that it, along with its member ecosystem, will showcase LoRaWAN® solutions for water metering and management applications at the AWWA ACE19 Conference and Exposition, June 9-12 in Denver, CO.


For the utilities market, smart meters are foundational toward enabling new operational efficiencies and services. According to a recent report by ABI Research, by 2023 there will be an installed base of 1.34 billion meters which will give way to endless new use cases and benefits. Nearly half of smart meters will be used for the water utilities market allowing for public authorities to increase efficiency and optimize processes. LoRaWAN offers an exceptionally strong value proposition to the water utilities with the flexibility to deploy private and public networks in a cost-efficient manner along with interoperability at the network and device levels.


The North America water metering market in particular represents one of the first markets deploying LoRaWAN sensors/end devices at scale, with hundreds of thousands of connected meters already in use in 2019. The advanced capabilities of LoRaWAN provide a variety of advantages to the water market including enhanced Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) capabilities, improved infrastructure reliability and security, and the ability to support additional water and wastewater automation initiatives.


“Current estimates predict that 75% of all IoT solutions will be best suited for LPWAN technologies,” said Donna Moore, CEO and Chairwoman of the LoRa Alliance. “LoRaWAN is the global de facto LPWAN standard for IoT and quickly becoming the connectivity backbone for a multitude of smart city applications. At ACE19, our ecosystem will share how leading water meter manufacturers are working with local and regional utility companies around the world to achieve successful business outcomes leveraging LoRaWAN technology.”    


At ACE19, member companies Haxiot, Senet and Tektelic will be providing demonstrations and speaking to the value of LoRaWAN for water metering and water management.




Haxiot will demonstrate water pressure and level monitoring solutions using its LoRaWAN device-to-cloud platform. As a part of the Haxiot end-to-end IoT solutions portfolio, this application is built on Haxiot’s X-ON platform providing data logging, visualization and user-definable threshold alerts via TXT, emails or APIs. Haxiot’s LoRaWAN solution catalogue provides out of the box enterprise IoT solutions for the connected water industry. These solutions include a wide range of sensors, connectivity and applications for enterprise customers to achieve fast time to market and high ROI.



Senet will be demonstrating how meter manufacturers, utilities and application providers can benefit from LoRaWAN networks and managed network services to modernize and enhance service delivery. In partnership with Neptune Technology Group, Senet will  highlight the use of  LoRaWAN technology for end-to-end water metering solutions using the Neptune® MACH 10® Ultrasonic Meter and discuss the latest innovations in network deployment and connectivity models to deliver maximum coverage and scalability at the lowest possible cost for utility and other smart city initiatives.



Tektelic will showcase its LoRaWAN connected smart leak detection demo, a live view of a LoRaWAN-connected smart room. The demo shows an ideal solution for managing and monitoring the indoor home and office environment, usingTEKTELIC’s Smart Room LoRaWAN devices that provide real-time data for leak detection, water and power consumption, ambient temperature and humidity, security and many other key metrics.


LoRaWAN for Smart Water Utilities Presentation

In addition to conducting demonstrations, the LoRa Alliance will be represented by Ben Doyle, Vice President of Major Accounts of Senet, who will be speaking on LoRaWAN for Smart Water Utilities. This presentation will be held in the Innovation Lounge (Booth 1420) on Wednesday, July 12 at 12:30pm. The presentation will discuss how LoRaWAN networks and smart metering systems are becoming a foundational piece of today’s utility services and contributing to the advancement of many smart city initiatives.


Interested visitors should stop by the LoRa Alliance in the Innovation Lounge, booth #1420, to learn from industry experts about real-world deployments of LoRaWAN networks and products that are available in the market today. LoRa Alliance representatives will also speak to LoRaWAN technology, how it works, and what makes it ideal for use in water metering and management. Finally, information will be available about LoRa Alliance membership and the LoRaWAN Certification program for IoT devices which ensures reliability and interoperability of certified devices.


About LoRa Alliance 
The LoRa Alliance is an open, nonprofit association that has become one of the largest and fastest-growing alliances in the technology sector since its inception in 2015. Its members closely collaborate and share expertise to develop and promote the LoRaWAN® protocol, which is the de facto global standard for secure, carrier-grade IoT LPWAN connectivity. LoRaWAN has the technical flexibility to address a broad range of IoT applications, both static and mobile, and a robust LoRaWAN Certification program to guarantee that devices are interoperable and perform as specified. The LoRaWAN protocol has been deployed by more than 100 major mobile network operators globally, and connectivity is available in more than 140 countries, with continual expansion. 


LoRa Alliance™, LoRaWAN® and LoRaWAN CertifiedCM are trademarks of the LoRa Alliance.


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