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Simplify smart home connectivity with LoRaWAN devices

Get inspired by how simple and easy it is to use LoRaWAN® for your smart home connectivity. LoRaWAN has already proven how it is the most flexible and easy to implement IoT connectivity standard to make ‘THINGS’ smart in and throughout office buildings, meeting rooms, stores, warehouses, factories, restaurants, etc.

This webinar will focus on showing how LoRaWAN is now the right choice for your smart home connectivity too, as similar use cases evolve into what today’s smart home needs: reliable and long-lasting end devices, reduced complexity with widespread availability of network connectivity, and a wide range of end devices to choose from which are quick and easy to implement.

In this webinar now on-demand, LoRa Alliance® members share short, digestible use cases and customer success stories of smart home solutions already available and use cases already deployed to inspire and teach you how to get your own smart home devices and/or applications developed, accelerate the time to get devices up and running, and explain the variety of advantages that LoRaWAN offers in enabling your smart home end to end solutions.

Speakers from LoRa Alliance member companies AWS, Brunata Minol ZENNER Group, ELSYS, MClimate, Milesight, Kairos, Semtech, and STMicroelectronics, along with property management platform, Quext, present.