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2023 LWL Orlando: Protect Water with LoRaWAN

Water scarcity, sanitation, and consumption is a leading topic of discussion among governments, cities, associations and utilities as well as the United Nations (see Sustainable Development goal 6). IoT with LoRaWAN connectivity stands among the most impactful digital technologies to help this crisis with use of smart metering and new applications capable to detect water leaks, to control the water consumption and wastage in buildings or urban areas, and to control quality of water in lakes and rivers before it reaches intakes in the water cycle. This panel will review the water crisis and discuss how IoT--and LoRaWAN in particular--will positively impact the situation. Featuring James Brehm, James Brehm & Associates; Cory Sides, Mueller; Matt Maher Peterson, APANA; Ed Verhamme, LimnoTech.