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Cloud-Based IoT Solutions for Sustainable Buildings

Hear from LoRa Alliance members ObjectSpectrum, Actility, Adeunis, Sensative, MClimate, and TEKTELIC on the webinar from September 28, 2022. As the focus on sustainable buildings grows, building owners and property managers need solutions for applications like air quality monitoring, water management, and space utilization. The effective management of these applications using LoRaWAN paired with cloud-based software results in cost-savings for the building and a safe and improved work environment for tenants and occupants. Continuing the conversation from the Buildings webinar last June, “Making Building Infrastructure Smarter with LoRaWAN®”, this webinar will teach you how to use the LoRaWAN networking protocol and devices enabled by LoRaWAN, along with cloud-based software, for effective and cost-efficient implementation and management of indoor building applications.