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LoRa Alliance® to Showcase Industrial LoRaWAN® Solutions at Industry of Things World Berlin

Berlin ­– September 10, 2019 – The LoRa Alliance® is exhibiting and speaking at next week’s Industry of Things World Berlin, taking place 16 and 17 September at the Berlin Congress Center, Germany. The alliance will promote LoRaWAN®’s low power, wide area networking (LPWAN) capabilities and be joined in booth #15 by several of our members showcasing their industrial LoRaWAN solutions.

With program keynotes focused on the AI revolution, ongoing global IIoT manufacturing transformation projects, innovation-driven growth, putting IIoT and digital at the center of operations, and powering the next phase of industrial IoT systems for critical infrastructure, one thing is clear: The Industrial Internet of Things is here to stay.

LoRaWAN Ambassadors will explain the importance of LoRaWAN for the Industrial IoT

As part of the official event program, a series of presentations organised in Streams will be conducted during the event. The LoRa Alliance has been granted the honor to host Stream 4: Infrastructure - 5G, Cloud & Edge Computing, M2M, Interoperability, Legacy Systems and Standards.

Stream 4 runs on Monday 16 September from 10:15 - 15:15. Daniel Quant, LoRa Alliance LoRaWAN Ambassador and Vice-President of Strategic Development at MultiTech will chair the session. As part of the Stream, Roelof Koopmans, LoRaWAN Ambassador and Senior Director of Vertical Marketing at Semtech, will take the floor to explain the global role and aim of the LoRa Alliance, present the benefits and solutions of the LoRaWAN technology, and give concrete examples of applications in Industry 4.0 with a focus on the German market, where solutions such as condition-based monitoring and preventative maintenance, tracking and energy optimization play an important role.

Stream 4: Monday 16 September 10:15-15:15 LoRa Alliance presentation: Monday 16 September 14:50-15:15

Live Booth Demonstrations of Industrial IoT Applications Using LoRaWAN

The following members will join us in Booth 15 to demonstrate how industry is implementing LoRaWAN. Live demos include:


Skiply will showcase its GT logistics solution. This live demo precisely explains the benefits of the solution, the way devices are working, and shows how alerts are sent and received on a dedicated logistical application developed with a specialized partner.

This use case is of great benefit to all industrials and logisticians who want to optimize their process and gain profitability in their industrial solutions.

Live screens with immersive data visualization will be shown on screen:

Skiply is a French Tech company created in 2015 and based on a fairly simple idea: to redesign the world. You will quickly understand this by working with us: we offer you much more than just connected buttons. We give you the tools to better understand your customers and make you allies. We reinvent interactions with your employees to promote the well-being of all.

We optimize industrial and logistical processes for greater efficiency. We help you to implement new and better business models in the field. To do this, we use the simplest and most universal interface in the world: buttons. Buttons with which every human being, from the smallest to the greatest, from the least educated to the most erudite, can interact, on his own initiative.


Aloxy will present a live demonstration of their manual valve position indication solution on a demo setup with a number of valves. A dashboard shows real-time open and close positions of the valves. Aloxy is a Belgium-based company that recently became a member of the LoRa Alliance. Founded in 2017, Aloxy designs and builds concrete solutions for the process industry. Aloxy offers a modular IoT platform to improve safety and efficiency, to automate processes and to deliver actionable insights into industrial operations.