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The LoRaWAN® Standard Is Open for Business in Israel

Israel’s Ministry of Communications recently signed a decree authorizing LoRaWAN® and confirming the Official Regulation for LoRaWAN in Israel. This decree officially opens a new band for LoRaWAN in Israel between 917 and 920 MHz and allows for full commercial LoRaWAN deployments.

"The Israeli Ministry of Communications is proud to lead the process of regulatory approval and implementation of LoRaWAN technology in Israel. The ministry sees this technology as an integral part of the IoT. Approval of technology in Israel will enable the realization and promotion of the Internet in many areas such as smart cities, agriculture, industry and so on. A tier in the further development of the Israeli economy."

Until now, authorizations in Israel were for trials, with several cities in Israel conducting pilot network deployments. This new spectrum allocation provides certainty and confidence to the Israeli market that full commercial LoRaWAN deployments are open for business. As a result, the LoRa Alliance anticipates higher investment in the LoRaWAN ecosystem in general and Israel in particular knowing that deployments are authorized.

“It is fantastic to see LoRaWAN being allocated spectrum in countries around the world and I’m very excited at what this development means for the Israeli market. Having authorization from Israel’s Ministry of Communications is a clear signal to the supply chain and end-users that LoRaWAN is market-ready, and the infrastructure is in place to support full commercial deployments. I look forward to learning about how companies in Israel are using LoRaWAN and invite them to join the LoRa Alliance ecosystem to accelerate their go-to-market plans.” ––Donna Moore, CEO and Chairwoman of the LoRa Alliance

The work to secure this status is the result of the LoRa Alliance® Regulatory Working Group’s engagement with the Israeli government since January 2020 to share technical and marketing information on LoRaWAN and preferred regulatory conditions with extensive support from local member companies who participated in the working group effort. The LoRa Alliance specifically thanks Actility for its extensive support in Israel.

“This step was much awaited to unlock LoRaWAN business in Israel. We are proud of the coordination work achieved with the Ministry of Communication and the LoRa Alliance, leveraging Actility’s local presence in Israel to guarantee the success of this long series of negotiations. Actility is confident that LoRaWAN deployments in Israel will add another piece of success stories to the LoRaWAN growth around the world.” – Ramez Soss, ThingPark Product Manager at Actility.

Last week, the LoRa Alliance released a new profile called ‘AS923-4’ to be used in Israel to promote the development and deployment of LoRaWAN in the country.