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Destination LoRaWAN: Must-Have Answers for Your LoRaWAN Project

When designing, deploying and managing your LoRaWAN® projects, it is important to understand the basics from the start no matter what role you play in IoT. Choosing the right mix of LoRaWAN technology components (sensors, gateways, network management options, business model options, security, business model etc.) for your use case can be confusing. Our panel of experts are here to help – and there is no better place to find answers to LoRaWAN questions than from the LoRa Alliance® ecosystem. Join LoRa Alliance Vice President of Marketing, Derek Wallace along with member companies, Kudelski IoT, MachineQ, a Comcast Company, Option, Oxit, and Semtech as they answer some of the most asked questions that we hear daily from companies launching their first LoRaWAN projects. During the “Must-Have Answers for Your LoRaWAN Project” webcast you will learn What is the difference between LoRa and LoRaWAN? Which network model is best for your company or project? Which connectivity technologies work complimentary to LoRaWAN? and so much more. These industry experts are excited to provide you with answers and connect you to resources to help you get your next LoRaWAN Project kicked off without delay.