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LoRaWAN World Expo 2022: LoRaWAN End-to-End Security Walk-Through - July 7, 2022

LoRa Alliance members and leaders from the Technical Committee take turns explaining the security of each part of a LoRaWAN network, from device to application server. More than a discussion on security, the session is a great introduction to how LoRaWAN connectivity works. - Alper Yegin, VP of Advanced Technology Development at Actility introduces the topic and moderates the panel. - Martin Wuthrich, Manager of Embedded Firmare at Semtech, speaks on LoRaWAN end-device security. - Ramez Soss, Wireless Product Manager at Actility, speaks about LoRaWAN join server security. - David Kjendal, CTO & COO at Senet, speaks on security of the LoRaWAN network server. - Prasad Kandikonda, VP of Engineering at MultiTech, speaks about the security of the LoRaWAN gateway. - Jisham Daou, Principal Embedded Engineer at Oxit, speaks about security of the LoRaWAN application server.