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Cloud-based positioning meets LoRaWAN®

u-blox cloud-based positioning solutions bring distinct advantages to power constrained applications using LoRaWAN® technology.

On a quest for ultra-low-power IoT applications, many IoT project designers choose LoRaWAN network technology. However, because LoRaWAN provides low bandwidth, there is often a trade-off required. A vast portion of IoT devices need meter-level location accuracy to do their job, prompting the design quest to

expand to GNSS (global navigation satellite system) solutions. This article describes how the u-blox cloud-based positioning solution makes a perfect match for use with LoRaWAN, allowing for best-in-class synergy between GNSS technology and long-range wireless connectivity for power constrained IoT devices. The combination provides a real-world developer platform from our customer Move-X where cloud-based positioning meets LoRaWAN.

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