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LWL: Orlando with Donna Moore, Chairwoman and CEO of the LoRa Alliance, keynote and Calgary panel

Since the introduction of LoRaWAN in 2015, we have moved from industry asking 'What is LoRaWAN?' to now asking 'How do I implement LoRaWAN?' LoRaWAN is recognized as the leading global LPWAN standard, and the LoRa Alliance ecosystem has also evolved. Our work is wholly focused on delivering solutions to support digital transformation, thereby optimizing business operations, work environments, critical infrastructure, and environmental sustainability. CEO and Chairwoman Donna Moore will talk about this transformation and then lead a discussion with the City of Calgary, TEKTELIC, eleven-X, and Orbiwise to understand their journeys with LoRaWAN. This panel offers a tremendous opportunity to learn from our ecosystem’s tremendous expertise about how to successfully achieve IoT goals and ROI with LoRaWAN. Donna Moore, LoRa Alliance; Colin Adderley, City of Calgary; John Cherewko, eleven-x; Scott Kubes, OrbiWise, Barney Barnowski, Tektelic