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LoRaWAN World Expo: Diversity of Network/Business Models with LoRaWAN - Panel - July 7, 2022

Moderated by Remi Lorrain, Global LoRaWAN Networks Director, Semtech, this panel of LoRa Alliance all-stars (Olivier Hersent, CEO & CTO, Actility; Dave Kjendal, CTO & COO, Senet; Ali Hosseini, Founder & CEO, Senra; Joey Hiller, Technical Director, Helium Foundation; Rob Zagarella, Co-Founder & CEO, NNNCo; Daniel Laper, Sr Director of Fiber & Business Development, American Tower do Brasil; Tom Nelson, Chief Customer Officer, Everynet) walks through the history of LoRaWAN networking, beginning with private networks, moving to public, community, and hybrid networks, and finishing with LoRaWAN roaming capabilities. Discussion of sustainability—from the strength of the ecosystem to opportunities for LoRaWAN to help people and the planet—throughout.