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Destination LoRaWAN: LoRaWAN® Driving IoT Growth Across Brazil in All Markets

Join us as Destination LoRaWAN goes to Brazil! Discover how LoRaWAN is being deployed to connect a variety of applications in mining, smart agriculture, smart cities, and water metering to name a few. Today, a growing number of local companies and solution providers make it easy to improve services and accelerate digital transformation in Brazil's industrial markets. LoRaWAN’s unique ability to operate public and private networks combines business model flexibility with reliable and secure coverage with access to real-time data. LoRaWAN® driving IoT growth across Brazil in all markets will explore use cases from LoRa Alliance member companies, talk to local solution providers and hear from the Associação Brasileira de Internet das Coisas (ABINC). These experts will walk you through success stories of real-world deployments and what it takes to scale your IoT business in Brazil using both private and public networks. The time for digital transformation is now. Whether you are beginning to look to transform your business or you are ready to expand and scale in Brazil, this webcast will leave you inspired and ready to deploy LoRaWAN.