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DestinationLoRaWAN: Selecting Complementary Technologies to Elevate Your LoRaWAN® Solutions

LoRaWAN® offers the industry the freedom to innovate and differentiate how it is used by not defining the type of deployment (public, shared, private, enterprise) in the standard. LoRaWAN also offers the capability of enhancing and improving your IoT solutions by working alongside the existing connectivity protocol within a solution. Multiprotocol connectivity for your solution can provide cost savings, enhance range and battery consumption, along with many other benefits. LoRa Alliance® member companies discuss why they are using complementary technologies with LoRaWAN, how they selected the right complementary technology from the many options in the market, and the unique benefits of developing a LoRaWAN solution in connection with another technology. Learn how to leverage LoRaWAN alongside your existing technology for a solution optimization that will transform your product. MachineQ, a Comcast Company, Actility, Charter Communications, Oxit, SenRa, and Webee present use cases that show how and why LoRaWAN is used to complement existing technologies, such as: Bluetooth Wi-Fi LTE/5G RFID SCADA