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2023 LWL Tokyo: Popular LoRaWAN-based Use Cases on the Japanese Market

Learn the end-to-end deployment model of a LoRaWAN® solution through various, popular use cases already deployed on the Japan market. For each use case presented, speakers will define the need for the service / use case, who was involved in deploying the solution (device makers, network operators, integrators, application providers, etc.), how it was implemented, and the results and outcomes for the end-customer and end-user. The full end-to-end story enabled by LoRaWAN will be presented through use cases based on: smart buildings, smart factory, temperature and humidity monitoring for warehouses, air quality, work safety, predictive maintenance for railways, cold-chain monitoring, fish farming and livestock monitoring, among others. Kerlink, with their local partners, are supporting Japanese companies with LoRaWAN-based connectivity services and will demonstrate how this is contributing to the growth of the LoRaWAN use cases in Japan, while educating the audience on the implementation needs and benefits of deploying LoRaWAN.