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2023 LWL Tokyo: Roaming Operations on the Helium Network + Ultra Light Stickers for Asset Tracking

LoRaWAN® network coverage and greater hardware integration come together to drive better user experiences in this session with Helium and RAKwireless. LoRaWAN networks around the globe are uniting! How? Helium will first give a deep-dive into Helium’s potential and progress as a macro network for global LoRaWAN connectivity. The deep-dive includes: Helium’s enablement of large-scale deployments, its role providing core infrastructure for global and regional partner networks, and how it is reducing friction in IoT with roaming partnerships and integrations. Helium will highlight the benefits of new partnerships such as with Deutsche Telekom’s IoT Creators and application partners such as Datacake. Then, RAKwireless will showcase how hardware integration with widespread and highly redundant public LoRaWAN networks like Helium, enable a new class of sensors that leverage network geolocation instead of GNSS for low cost, extremely thin, and easy to deploy form factors. RAK will present their asset tracking use case with the RAK Sticker Tracker and its applications in monitoring fine wines, perishables and industrial supplies.