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DL: Accelerating Digital Transformation & Business Growth while Creating a Sustainable Future

Join us for Destination LoRaWAN, Accelerating Digital Transformation and Business Growth while Creating a Sustainable Future. This is it – the first Destination LoRaWAN webcast of 2021! Don’t miss our 60-minute webcast that will set the table for what should be a very exciting 2021 as the world moves together in recovery and growth. During this webcast you will see a mix of the past and the future from our speakers including: Derek Wallace – Vice President of Marketing for the LoRa Alliance providing a recap of the LoRa Alliance 2020 highlights, including key standard updates rolled out in Q4and providing access to our end of year report. Derek’s presentation will be followed up by two truly exciting speakers: Andrew Grill will talk about the important role IoT will have on driving business while recovering from the financial impact of Covid19. Known for his many talks on business disruption, Andrew will provide excellent insights all the while making you really think about what the future holds. Manuella Cunha Brito, Co-founder at Good Tech Lab, speaking on the positive impact IoT can make for a stainable planet and future. Manuella has given many talks around the world about the importance of sustainability and our planet’s future. She’ll make you think about the responsibility that IoT – and we – have to create a sustainable planet even as she provides a positive message for us all – so important after a very difficult 2020 for the world.