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Destination LoRaWAN: How LoRaWAN® Delivers Quantifiable ROI for IoT

When designing and expanding IoT deployments, it is important to plan from the start how these deployments will deliver real business advantages and strong ROI. Depending on the application or solution, ROI can be demonstrated in a variety of ways- through increased revenue, reduced costs, greater productivity, increased quality life, improved people safety, and time savings, to name a few. LoRa Alliance® member companies Actility, Birdz, Option, and Oxit, will showcase the substantial, quantifiable results of their LoRaWAN® deployments and the steps these companies took from the beginning to guarantee ROI. You will also hear how ROI can be achieved in ways not originally expected and discover the possibility of expanding and diversifying your current solution or offering for additional IoT applications or areas of your business. Tune in to “How LoRaWAN® Delivers Quantifiable ROI for IoT” on July 29 to hear how your business can leverage LoRaWAN in your IoT applications and solutions to achieve significant ROI.