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Destination LoRaWAN: LoRaWAN® Security - from the Network to the Device

LoRaWAN® security has previously been discussed from the network point of view, but in this webcast, panelists will open up the conversation to look at security as a whole and focus on the device aspects as well. Security is an essential aspect of the LoRaWAN specification, and it relies on the implementation process as well as embracing best practices and industry standards. The LoRa Alliance® ensures its interoperability specifications are secure while recognizing the overall security of the solution also depends on the implementation and deployment security. On the other hand, implementation security issues need to be taken up by the relevant manufacturers and deployment issues need to be taken up with the relevant network operator(s). With the introduction of new regulations like NIST in the US, or the European Commission yet to come to a directive about security, the device now has the spotlight and will require more careful attention on how security will be implemented. Join Christophe Buffard, LoRa Alliance Chair of the Security Working Group, and Alper Yegin, LoRa Alliance Vice-Chair of the BoD and Chair of Technical Committee, for a presentation and discussion on LoRaWAN security – from the network, to the link layer, to the device.