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Smart Water Trends in the US

This webinar is presented to you by the LoRa Alliance®, Maravedis and the American Water Works Association (AWWA). Entirely focused on water utilities in the United States, Adlane Fellah, Senior Analyst at Maravedis, will present some key findings from its recent survey of water utilities. The research focused on top market, technical and regulatory requirements for water utilities to deploy and manage advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) to improve their operational efficiency and customer service. The presentation will also include a look at the top challenges and opportunities for water utilities to leverage low power WAN technologies such as LoRaWAN®. Barbara Martin, Director of Engineering and Technical Services at AWWA, will present the outcomes of the 2020 edition of the State of the Water Industry Survey which has provided valuable insights into water sector attitudes, challenges, and trends. This presentation will share results from the 2020 survey, conducted during a year when the global pandemic resulted in unprecedented challenges for the water sector – and the world. Survey results will reveal water sector attitudes, shifting priorities, and influences and trends, while taking a deeper dive into the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and how the water sector continues to meet the challenges of our changing world to create a resilient future for utilities. Finally, LoRa Alliance's CEO and Chairwoman Donna Moore will give an overview of the LoRa Alliance’s activities in general and the US Utilities market and challenges in particular. Bruce Chatterley, CEO of Senet who are a LoRa Alliance Sponsor Member, will present real life deployments in the water industry in the US using LoRaWAN technology. He will provide best practices on how to roll-out a network and challenges as with as well as results to be expected.