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Destination LoRaWAN: Strengthening Environmental Sustainability and People Safety in India

The word from IoT Analytics’ latest reports is that the number of IoT connected devices is expected to grow to 30 billion by 2030. LoRaWAN® connectivity for IoT is at the forefront, and India is among one of the fastest growing ecosystems deploying LoRaWAN technology today. In both rural and urban areas of India, companies are finding effective and easy ways to leverage LoRaWAN technology to turn their business into sustainable initiatives to the benefit of the local population and environment. Examples are Smart Cities to monitor utilities such as gas and water; environmental protection helping farmers and conservationists; and worker safety in high-risk fields such as construction, mining, and trucking. In Strengthening Environmental Sustainability and People Safety in India, we will share a few of the success stories that are making a huge impact for people in India today. Hosted by Ali Hosseini CEO and Founder of SenRa, we will explore use cases from companies offering solutions ranging from large water metering sensors to tree tracking programs presented by Eash Reach and work safety and productivity solutions presented by Tata Communications. If you are driving LoRaWAN business or looking for a LoRaWAN network or solution provider available in India, this webcast will leave you inspired and ready to deploy LoRaWAN.