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Destination LoRaWAN: Taking Your Building Digital With LoRaWAN

As the world’s population grows to well over 8 billion people, building occupancy is being stretched to capacity and cities and industry are constructing buildings of all types. Simultaneously, concern about overuse of natural resources and thoughtless creation of waste is driving people to seek tools to balance the desires and productivity of people with business requirements. Smart Buildings are an ideal application for IoT. With LoRaWAN , you have an opportunity to both make new construction conscientious of resources and retrofit current buildings to meet 21st century expectations of long lasting, efficient and sustainable construction. Join LoRa Alliance Members; Actility, Akenza, Semtech, and Talkpool in this webinar, as we discuss how LoRaWAN drives the Smart Building revolution. Hear several examples of use cases from air quality monitoring to dynamic cleaning. We will demonstrate how information gathered by LoRaWAN sensors on the performance and use of a building creates ROI in the form of process, staffing and building improvements that enable cost savings and create a sustainable work environment.