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Destination LoRaWAN: Using LoRaWAN® to Transform and Scale Smart Utilities

Although utilities have been able to employ connectivity technologies for at least two decades, the technologies available have not been optimal for interoperability or affordable for every application. Today, LoRaWAN® offers low-power, long range connectivity and vast availability of devices, allowing utilities to improve operational efficiencies, increase revenue streams, and reduce utility waste with wireless monitoring in secure, integrated, and scalable deployments. LoRaWAN has already been deployed in a variety of utilities, including electricity, power, gas, lighting, energy, and water. In this webinar, LoRa Alliance® member companies Shenzhen Kaifa, SenRa, Lucy Zodion, Actility, and panellist from InfiSense, will present use cases showcasing how LoRaWAN is being leveraged to transform, enable, and scale smart utilities in these sectors.