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Guidance and Recommendations for LoRaWAN® End-Device Implementors

The LoRaWAN® Link Layer specification aims to achieve global interoperability by providing guidance on how to implement and configure LoRaWAN end-devices and networks. While this normative document describes the mandatory-to-comply behavior, it also leaves certain areas to the choice of the implementor to accommodate the differences among platforms, use cases and deployment characteristics. Also, the configuration aspects covered in the link layer specification usually concern not only the communication stack developer but also the device maker, solution maker, network operators, and the end user. In order to provide guidance to the ecosystem on both of these aspects — implementation choices and configuration matters, two companion documents are published: Technical Recommendation 1 and Technical Recommendation 7. Correct, efficient and scalable operation of LoRaWAN under various circumstances relies on paying attention to what is covered in these two documents, benefiting the end-devices, applications, and the networks. In this webinar, LoRaWAN industry leaders Dave Kjendal (Senet), Olivier Seller (Semtech), and Alper Yegin (Actility) explain these recommendations.