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Leveraging an FCC Radio Approval in Latin America—Except When You Cannot

Many radio manufacturers have the general belief that an FCC license grant allows them to legally market their products throughout Latin America and even outside the Americas without additional approval through each country’s regulatory authority. Lee Hinsz, Approve-IT, will demonstrate where this is true or not. Lee will also identify countries which require a separate certification, but accept FCC test reports and grant as the basis of the approval process in lieu of local testing. Some countries in the Americas such as Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina do not accept FCC test reports nor license grants in lieu of local testing for all products. Wilson Silva, Approve-IT, will address the procedure for certification in Brazil for popular LoRa products and identify the radio, EMC, and safety standards that may apply. He will also point to a listing of accredited labs and outline sample set-up issues that many companies have struggled to resolve.