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LoRaWAN® Device-to-Device Communication using Multicast Transmissions

In this webinar, you will be introduced to novel concepts for using LoRaWAN® for direct device-to-device communication. TR012 utilizes the LoRaWAN L2 specification to create an end-device-to-device communication protocol leveraging the multicast group principle to pair group of devices and class B to schedule communications. Join to learn: - a framework for enabling centrally controlled but locally survivable and autonomous device-to-device communication patterns, - how advanced communication patterns can be established using LoRaWAN, and - how such patterns can survive for long periods of time even with the loss of centralized network control, - optimize the system both from the end device and Network management (NS and AS) side. Ideal for attendees from IoT companies in these categories: device maker, application platform vendors, application developer, system integrators, and network providers. All are welcome! Q&A questions answered by the speaker- Dave Kjendal, CTO at Senet and a Board Member and LoRaWAN® Ambassador of LoRa Alliance®.