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LoRaWAN Live: Munich - Empowering Sustainability: Water Management and Preservation

Smart water metering is one of the largest and most popular use cases for LoRaWAN, with some of the most extensive deployments in the LPWAN market. Learn why LoRaWAN is an excellent fit for water utilities and discover how it empowers utilities to enhance sustainability, water management, and water preservation. This panel features three use cases demonstrating the real benefits of IoT with LoRaWAN: Acquedotto Pugliese in Italy, NTT Data for Liege City in Belgium, and Lyse and Infotiles for Trondheim City in Norway. These examples show that extracting more value from smart metering data is not dependent on the size of the investment. Panel speakers include experts in smart water metering, data analytics for water management, and building end-to-end solutions with connectivity.