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LoRaWAN World Expo 2022: Using LoRaWAN and GS1 Standards for Asset Tracking, Panel - July 7, 2022

This panel is moderated by Pierre Gelpi, LoRa Business Development Director, Semtech. Panelists include Ildiko Lieber, Project Manager for GS1 in Europe; Pep Pons Ballester, CTO & Co-Founder WITRAC; and Jason Poulain, IoT Program Manager ITNOVEM (SNCF). Ms. Lieber defines GS1 standards and how they are used to provide unique identification numbers to products, assets, and locations. Mr. Poulain describes how GS1 and LoRaWAN are used on trains in predictive maintenance, energy consumption management, and temperature control. Mr. Pons describes how cargo ships use multi-protocol solutions with LoRaWAN, cellular, and satellite while using GS1 ID numbers, resulting in significantly more efficient management of fuel consumption and food waste, yielding measurable impact on CO2 emissions.