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LWL Munich - Pioneering Digital Innovation | How LoRaWAN Empowers Minol-ZENNER Group’s IoT Evolution

This session provides a brief insight into how LoRaWAN has become one of the driving forces behind the development of the Minol-ZENNER Group. Starting with the development of smart meters and devices with LoRaWAN, infrastructure components as well as IoT network software and IoT solutions for sub-metering in real estate, the expansion into new areas such as Smart Buildings, Smart City, Smart Utilities, Smart Mobility to one of the largest LoRaWAN network operators in Europe and into many new business areas in new industries and regions for the future of IoT. Be inspired by this great transformation and true IoT success story of our LoRaWAN Live Gold Sponsor. One thing is clear: #bettertogether is playing a big part in it.