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Augmenting LoRaWAN devices with Internet Protocol support

Did you know that LoRaWAN can now support IP (Internet Protocol)-based applications?

Indeed, the support of IPv6 over LoRaWAN through the “Static Context Header Compression and fragmentation” (SCHC) IETF standard is now officially qualified by the LoRa Alliance in the "LoRaWAN® IPv6 Adaptation Layer for End-Devices Specification TS010". Being able to carry IP-based protocol stacks is an important step toward growing the application space to include IP-based legacy apps as well. In line with the IoT technology convergence around IPv6, SCHC makes LoRaWAN eligible for many new use cases and new markets. LoRaWAN-connected devices can now be seamlessly integrated with the customer's existing IP-based networks and applications. In this tutorial, you will learn how SCHC layer helps transform a LoRaWAN device into an IPv6 host, still maintaining its energy efficiency. The architecture as well as the mechanisms that enable this transformation will be explained.