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LoRa Alliance® building block specifications of firmware updates over the air (FUOTA)

Join Julien Catalano, Principal Architect at Kerlink and Chair of the LoRa Alliance Technical Committee FUOTA Working Group, for a discussion of the LoRaWAN FUOTA protocols and their most recent updates. The conversation will begin with a brief description the LoRaWAN FUOTA architecture and continue with a deeper dive into the integration and evolution of the application layer packages. Topics will include the file distribution service protocols, firmware management protocol, and the multi-package access utility package and a discussion of the 5 latest specifications created by the FUOTA Working Group, including: 

  • TS003 - Application Layer Clock Synchronization v2.0.0
  • TS004 - Fragmented Data Block Transport v2.0.0
  • TS005 - Remote Multicast Setup v2.0.0
  • TS006 - Firmware Management Protocol v1.0.0
  •  TS007 - Multi Package Access v1.0.0