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Destination LoRaWAN: Ensuring Device Success with LoRaWAN Certification

The LoRaWAN® certification program provides assurance to end customers that their application-specific end devices will operate on any LoRaWAN network, making it crucial for the successful deployment of IoT applications. The LoRaWAN certification program has been thoughtfully setup and designed to include the right tools to achieve these goals, while also saving your company time and money throughout the certification process. In this webcast, expert panelists will give an overview of the key benefits of LoRaWAN certification, expert tips to consider when testing LoRaWAN devices, and how to ensure device performance beyond certification and through deployment. Drawing on a variety of real-life examples, this presentation is sure to provide device manufacturers and system integrators the insight and direction to successfully move through the certification process and network qualification in order to ensure rapid and successful deployments, from pilot to large-scale.