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Netmore’s network company ECN acquires Spanish LoRaWAN operator Redexia

Netmore’s network company European Connectivity Networks (ECN), co-owned with the infrastructure company Polar Structure, acquires Spanish LoRaWAN operator Redexia. The acquisition involves Netmore and ECN taking over customer contracts, existing network infrastructure and Redexia’s commercial and technical organisation. The Spanish IoT market is characterised by large investments in water and gas metering, which is expected to contribute to significant sensor growth in the IoT network in the coming years.

“Through the acquisition of Redexia, we continue our European IoT expansion and gain geographical coverage in another important market. The deal demonstrates the good cooperation between Polar Structure and Netmore and consolidates ECN’s position as one of the fastest growing network companies in Europe”
says Tobias Emanuelsson, CEO, Polar Structure

“Thanks to Netmore and ECN, we will be able to offer LoRaWAN in the 20 largest cities in Spain, allowing us to take the next step in deploying large projects with our customers and partners. Furthermore, Netmore’s technical expertise will provide our existing customers with increased support for their projects. This gives us great opportunity to strengthen our leadership in the Spanish LoRaWAN market”
says Alex Bryszkowski, CEO & Co-founder, Redexia

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