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Webinar: Asset Tracking Solutions for COVID-19

In the COVID-19 context, government authorities and commercial companies have been looking at recent technologies such as IoT to find all sorts of solutions to respond to the crisis. Social distancing, people tracking and asset monitoring have become crucial aspects of keeping the situation under control. In this webinar, LoRa Alliance® members will be addressing the following challenges with their LoRaWAN® solutions that currently exist in the market: • How to facilitate social distancing for workers while respecting privacy regulations? • Monitoring population flows in buildings and cities, which has become even more important than before. • Connecting healthcare devices appears to be really helpful, especially in the most critical phases of the crisis • In several industries, hygiene standards will evolve and remote monitoring will become necessary to maximize efficiency • In addition to caring about people, maintenance of facilities, machines, and assets will also become more and more remote in the future. LoRa Alliance® member companies Actility, Cavagna Group, Microshare, myDevices and NNNco will illustrate how LoRaWAN® Smart Tracking solutions help citizens, employers and local authorities in an efficient and smart way moving towards a safe, clean and healthy future. Learn more at