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LoRaWAN® standard expands to include Relay Specification

The LoRa Alliance® has expanded the LoRaWAN® standard with the support of a new feature called Relay. The new relay feature is addressing the issue that, in some instances, it may be economically difficult or not be materially possible to deploy full-size gateways to extend LoRaWAN coverage to a small portion of end-devices. This is especially apparent in use cases with sparse deep indoor connectivity, or for underground smart metering, or with a cluster of sensors around a LoRa satellite module, for example. In these cases, a low-cost and battery-capable Relay device is the ideal solution.

During this webinar, you will learn:

  •  How a relay can improve LoRaWAN coverage
  • Technical characteristics and specification basics of the LoRaWAN Relay
  • How to add Relay to your end-device
  • The impact of adding this new feature into your end-device