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LoRaWAN World Expo: Panel on Utilities’ Use of LoRaWAN - July 6, 2022

This panel discussion is moderated by Remi Demerle, Director of Alliance Partnerships and Marketing for LoRa Ecosystem at Semtech and Chair of the Smart Utilities Workgroup for the LoRa Alliance

Part 1: Laure Simon, Director of Telco Projects at Veolia, discusses the development of subsidiary, Birdz, and the role of LoRaWAN smart water meters in accurate billing, leak detection, and empowerment of customers.

Part 2: Juan Villar, COO and CFO at Nortegas, discusses how Nortegas uses LoRaWAN in natural gas distribution and managing Spanish utility infrastructure.

Part 3: Damien Fresier, Project Manager at GreenAlp, discusses how the versatility of LoRaWAN sensors enables substation monitoring for electric and gas systems in France.

Part 4: Moderator-led discussion of ROI, smart meter penetration of European utilities markets and IoT’s role in ESG reporting.