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LWL: Navigating the Italgas Nimbus Rollout: Insights from a Cutting-edge Smart Gas Meter Deployment

Ensuring comprehensive coverage to connect millions of new gas meters across Italy presents numerous challenges. Italgas has taken a groundbreaking approach with "Nimbus," their latest smart gas meter featuring dual connectivity through LoRaWAN and cellular NB-IoT technologies. In this presentation, Italgas will delve into their use case for smart metering, sharing pivotal insights gleaned from initial implementation. Attendees will gain access to the first-hand findings, lessons learned, and early outcomes of the Nimbus rollout. Furthermore, Italgas will outline the projected benefits, future milestones, and overarching objectives of this monumental endeavor. Explore the forefront of gas meter innovation and uncover the transformative potential of Italgas Nimbus in shaping the future of utility management.