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LoRaWAN Live: Munich - The Journey to Make Cities Smart with LoRaWAN

Enjoy a short journey through the LoRaWAN IoT use cases that cities around the world are implementing. These are making them smarter, helping to improve environmental sustainability and disaster preparedness, optimise city operations and business resilience, and increase citizen health, safety and satisfaction. Learn more about the wide range of smart city use cases implemented with LoRaWAN and hear as we talk about green infrastructure and climate resilience, e.g. urban irrigation and urban climate monitoring, solutions for smart city parks, water metering, manhole monitoring or smart parking. The examples come from cities in Germany, Austria, the USA and India. Introduced and moderated by the LoRa Alliance Smart City Working Group Chair of ZENNER, süc/dacor on the City of Coburg, Germany, the Town of Cary, North Carolina, Wien Energie/City of Vienna, Austria, SenRa on Goa, Udaipur and Gantok, India.