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ST Engineering Increases the Quality of Life for Citizens of Brazilian Cities with LoRaWAN

Feira de Santana ( ~732k hab) and Aracaju (~664k hab) are two large cities in northeast Brazil. Their public light infrastructure was privatized in a public bid. The winning consortium selected STELA (Singapore Technologies Engineering Latin America) to provide management, modernization, efficiency, expansion, operation and maintenance of around 125,000 luminaires (65,000 in Feira de Santana and 60,000 in Aracaju). Telemanagement was implemented in approximately 30,000 luminaries (15,000 in each city). STELA partnered with ATC and Everynet in order to get proper coverage. The ATC LoRaWAN Network, with Everynet technology, is supporting the implementation, which requires high level SLAs and high level cybersecurity. The solution will scale to more cities in 2023 and 2024.