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Water Utility Infrastructure Modernization for Efficient and Sustainable Operations

Today’s water utilities, municipalities, and real estate companies are pressured to modernize infrastructure, distribution, and methods of managing water resources to improve global efficiency and avoid scarcity. Tackling these challenges is especially difficult in dense or remote areas, and many companies are turning to IoT for solutions.

The Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) is being adopted more and more by water utilities with deployment of high-density LoRaWAN® networks in their water districts. On the other hand, real estate companies are also using LoRaWAN® connectivity to better manage water consumption and avoid damages due to water leaks.

These LoRaWAN networks can be both private and public and built with abundant capacity, allowing them to be used for a variety of applications. In addition to supporting AMI water initiatives, these networks are creating new opportunities for utilities, real estate, and municipalities as they explore a variety of safety, resource conservation, and sustainability use cases. Beyond AMI, LoRaWAN® helps to run infrastructure in a more sustainable way.

This webinar will detail how LoRaWAN® solutions are being developed, piloted, and deployed today to solve business problems for utilities and municipalities as well as optimizing service delivery to citizens. The topics covered will be relevant to a wide variety of people, including those from water utilities, municipalities, real estate companies, utility solution providers, and device manufacturers. Customer case studies will be referenced where available.