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2021 End of Year Report


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2021 was a pivotal year for the LoRa Alliance® and LoRaWAN®. Not only did we solidify LoRaWAN as the LPWAN of choice for massive IoT, we also achieved our 2021 goals:

  • To be accepted as an international standard by an independent SDO

  • To evolve LoRaWAN technology and guidelines to make development and deployments of LoRaWAN simpler, especially at high volumes

  • To expand our market opportunities by pursuing collabo- rations with complementary radio technologies to support true multi-RAN deployments

  • To secure membership of key market leaders in the alliance, to further grow our ecosystem, and advance the LoRaWAN technology through member collaboration on end-to-end solution offerings

  • To increase LoRaWAN device certifications, and have the most certified LPWAN sensors on the market

  • To increase visibility of and accessibility of LoRaWAN services and products to facilitate deployments